How the Pandemic is Changing Homebuyer Preferences

Are you needing to sell quickly due to your circumstances changing from the COVID-19 pandemic?

In 2018, 619,000 Californians migrated to more business-friendly and less-taxed states, such as Nevada and Arizona.

With adversity, comes changes in consumer preferences and behavior. The COVID-19 pandemic may just cause the next Great Migration.

The pandemic-related uncertainty has incentivized many Americans to want to “. . . permanently relocate to more sparsely populated areas,” according to’s Dana Anderson.

“Overall, searches for homes in small towns are surging on the website,” she explains.

“Pageviews of homes in towns with fewer than 50,000 residents were up 87% year over year in May, more than triple the 22% year-over-year increase in page views of homes in cities with more than 1 million residents.”

The ability and acceptance of working from home and new technology to make that easier has changed many home shopping wish lists on which “a quicker commute” once ranked high.

As long as there is decent internet service, small towns and suburbia offer far more security to the new migrators.

Residents of San Francisco, Seattle and the District of Columbia lead the way, with many expressing interest in homes in Montana and rural areas of Oregon and Colorado along with Nevada and Arizona.

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